R&D Incentives for Start-Ups

Many companies, especially new start-ups, try to overcome technical r&d incentives for startupschallenges and obstacles fundable by SR&ED and other R&D incentives, but do not get any funding because of how they have articulated their challenge or worse yet, do not receive R&D incentives because of how the company is structured.

Enhanced Capital Recovery provides a no-obligation SR&ED review where companies can share their technical challenges and how they are trying to overcome them and receive advice on how to capitalize through adequate follow through.

While many companies pass the technical eligibility test for R&D incentives such as SRED, they often fall short in another aspects including how shareholders or owners of these companies compensate themselves or draw their funds from the company.

Through proper planning and structuring of your company, Enhanced Capital Recovery can help ensure you do not miss out on funding your company may be entitled to that can help you offset the costs of innovation so you can continue investing in more research and development and grow your company’s bottom line.

If you are a Canadian company or a business that has been trying to overcome technical challenges in your day to day operation, please call us at 1-800-470-0235, visit us online at www.enhancedcapitalrecovery.com  or email us at info@enhancedcapitalrecovery.com for a no obligation consultation.

At no upfront cost or obligation we will review your technical challenges, help add value to ensure your company is structured properly and fully aware of all opportunities to maximize on R&D incentives and SR&ED recoveries.

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