Defending SR and ED Claims

We have a clearly defined process for defending claims, whether the claim was prepared by us or by other SR&ED consultants, accounting firms or owners who have completed their claim in-house. In addition, if you are concerned about the potential of a CRA review of a current SR&ED claim, we’re pleased to provide an independent opinion of the eligibility of a claim in advance of its submission.

One our greatest advantages is having previous tax reviewers on the Enhanced Capital Recovery team. This allows us to have an in-depth understanding of how to effectively work with the tax authorities in preparing files and supporting documents to clearly outline and justify our claims.

When a claim is under review, both the Project Lead and Technical Partner will review the claim submission to decide if further details are needed to clarify how the project fits within the legislative provisions. Supporting documentation is also reviewed by our team. In some cases projects or related expenses may be determined to be unsupportable and are therefore removed.

On the day of the CRA review, we are there to assist and guide you and your team throughout the process. We help prepare your technical team for questions they may need to answer and we prepare and submit any additional documents requested in the review process.

Given the experience of a CRA review, moving forward, we offer you the option to have us provide training to your technical team to ensure that they understand the SR&ED program. Along with the implementation of our simple go-forward tracking system, we ensure that you are in a stronger position to document future SR&ED claims.

Read more about the CRA SR&ED claims review process on our blog!

If you have an SR&ED claim review pending or would like an independent opinion on your claim, please contact us today for a free, no risk consultation now!