Our SRED Advantage

As a top tier SRED Consulting firm, Enhanced Capital Recovery’s business is maximizing government incentives in the areas of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits for our clients. Since we are a highly specialized SRED firm, we offer clients depth of experience, important strategic relationships and insights, a systematized approach and an effective tracking and follow up system.

What makes us different from other SR&ED Consultants is our commitment to providing clients with outstanding value. We persist in our efforts to maximize SRED grant opportunities for your company by:

Identifying all qualifying projects

Through our extensive analysis and evaluation of key process improvements, we have been able to identify twice as many qualifying projects as well known consulting firms who evaluated the same cases. We take the time to make sure we don’t miss a single opportunity.

Our relationship with CRA’s Audit Group

Over the years, our technical competence has enabled us to build a strong relationship with the government’s SR&ED group and, when necessary, validate our position in advance of filing to ensure successful claims. We have worked with clients in the past who enlisted our services after several failed attempts at making a claim. Based on our relationship with the CRA review team, we were able to determine the reasons for the failed claims and turn them into successful ones. Please read more about this example in our Success Cases.

Extensive Technical Capability

Our team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced computer science engineers, database specialists, process engineers, actuarial and food scientists, and technical writers who are trained to zero in on qualifying expenditures and effectively document the technical challenges and improvements to meet CRA requirements. For an example, read about our success with TN ActiveCare

Simple Go-Forward Tracking Systems

A key part of our solution focuses on developing a simple go-forward tracking system which can be customized to leverage existing systems and processes to ensure that new knowledge from SRED-related projects is effectively captured. This system enhances the efficiency of preparing a claim and ensures clients are compliant with CRA’s documentation requirements.

As an additional benefit, our go-forward tracking system helps set up future SR&ED claims, and improve transfer of knowledge and productivity within your organization. For an example, read about our success with Meadowfresh.

Post-claim guidance

If there is a review of your SR&ED claim, we are there to deal with the CRA’s audit team on your behalf. Our work isn’t done until your SR&ED claim is successful. For future projects in the bidding stage, we can help determine SR&ED eligibility and show you how the SR&ED program can help offset the cost of project bids.

Providing risk-free service

Our service is cost free unless you receive a tax credit.

Contact us today for a no risk, no-obligation consultation!