About Us

As a top tier SR&ED Consulting firm serving clients across Canada, Enhanced Capital Recovery’s business is maximizing government incentives in the areas of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits for our clients. Since we are a highly specialized SR&ED firm, we offer clients depth of experience, important strategic relationships and insights, a systematized approach and an effective tracking and follow up system.

While Enhanced Capital Recovery (ECR) was founded in 2012, its founding team started in 1994 with an initial focus on sales tax recovery. Over the years, ECR developed a differentiated service line around SR&ED and has recently begun to accelerate its growth through developing relationships with organizations such as Alberta Agriculture and the Ontario Environmental Group. We’re Gold level Corporate Sponsors of Tec Edmonton and members of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) and the Canadian Cloud Council.  We’ve also developed partnerships and gained insights through a unique advisory board consisting of senior executives and professionals in industry.

Our leadership team consists of accomplished industry experts, who have succeeded in helping companies small and large receive millions of dollars in recoveries. Some of these companies include PCL, Fortis, Hamilton Health Services, Canwest Global, Chef Bombay and Meadowfresh Daires.

Our leadership team has years of professional working experience at companies like ATI, Esso and Ontario Hydro and have earned Computer Engineering, Process Engineering and MBA degrees from esteemed Canadian Universities.

ECR’s leadership team believes in giving back to the community by helping alleviate poverty and improve quality of life for all through volunteering and raising funds for communities. We regularly share our entrepreneurial knowledge and help businesses and communities work together.

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