Complete R&D Funding for Your Company

There are several available R&D funding sources in Canada and it can be confusing to navigate r&d funding canadathe complex requirements and application procedures for any one of them – not to mention all of them.

When you try to secure R&D funding on your own without fully understanding the processes, you may be missing opportunities or setting your company up for unnecessary risks, such as CRA reviews.

Are you looking for end to end R&D innovation funding support? 

Working with experienced R&D funding consultants, like Enhanced Capital Recovery, makes sense when facing the complexity of the Canadian R&D funding landscape.  We know from experience how to navigate the entire range of R&D funding opportunities and a have proven track record of success to show for it.

Now, however, ECR is offering an even more comprehensive service with our end to end IRAP project support – from proposal to documentation – we’ll help you secure and execute your IRAP projects.

How does Enhanced Capital Recovery support R&D funding initiatives?

Starting with IRAP, our consultants will help you plan out your innovation activities and then capture more of the costs for innovation via SR&ED and other possible funding sources.

Our value at ECR is working closely with our clients to act as an experienced guide through the entire R&D funding process.  Beginning with the initial free consultation, we’ll help you:

  • review your company’s past projects to determine if they are eligible for SR&ED;R&D funding canada
  • make a business case for technological innovation/investments you are considering;
  • identify both short and long term sources of funding to get your innovation projects off the ground;
  • plan to capture IRAP and other types of R&D funding
  • set up your firm to easily track and manage time and costs spent on the your innovation projects for the numerous government recovery programs including IRAP and SRED
  • navigate the SR&ED claims process
  • report and answer queries from any authorities

Enhanced Capital Recovery can help with all of the many possible research and development funding incentives in Canada and help your company improve its research capability and bottom line.

Contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our experienced consultants!