Already Claiming SR&ED? SR&ED Consultants

If you currently claim the SR&ED tax credit, then you already understand the value and importance video 2 cover photoof it towards your bottom-line.  What you may not know, is, many claimants leave unclaimed funds as they miss identifying projects and related expenses because of an oversight or lack of understanding of the SR&ED process.

Recently, the CFO of a large western Canadian home builder felt they were under-claiming on their current filing and prior to filing it he invited Enhanced Capital to review claim. The resulting SR&ED claim increased 5 fold as an Enhanced Capital Specialist identified several additional projects that had been missed.

Had the CFO not called us prior to filing, his company would have missed recovering an additional quarter of a million dollars that the claim increased by due to the additional projects and expenses submitted.

SR&ED is 15% accounting and 85% technical. Failing to identify all eligible projects or not properly documenting can result in leaving thousands of dollars unclaimed.

This tremendous positive difference in returns should be left to the SR&ED experts, not to chance.

There are many examples of claims we have reviewed that did not clearly capture the challenges the organization faced and the obstacles and uncertainties that the CRA would understand and accept.

Our consultants at Enhanced Capital Recovery consist of Food Scientists, Computer Engineers and Manufacturing specialists who complete 100s of claims each year and have first-hand knowledge of what to claim and what to avoid claiming.

By matching the right technical expert for the job, we are able to help you identify all applicable projects and avoid overlooking any claimable activities – even those we find frequently left unclaimed by accountants and other consultants.

Chances are your competitors are maximizing their SR&ED tax refunds by utilizing experts to increase their competitive advantage; shouldn’t you be doing the same?

If you are already claiming the SR&ED tax credit, we can review your current claim to see if we can add value by identifying additional SR&ED eligible projects and related expenses.  We will review your technical documentation and identify improvements that will ensure that your claim has the best chance of success. Best of all, since we only bill you on the value we add, if we aren’t able to add any value and increase your claim, you do not pay us anything while still ensuring your risk of leaving unclaimed funds is minimized.

If your claim is under CRA review, Enhanced Capital Recovery can help support the claim and if your claim has been rejected, we can help to review it and improve future claims so they are not rejected.

Our track record of 90+% success in claim defence and claim review speaks for itself!

Regardless of your field, or size of business, Enhanced Capital Recovery is here to help with your SR&ED claim by reviewing your current or past claim. For a free consultation, call Enhanced Capital Recovery at 1-800-470-0235 or visit us online at  or email us at  We’ll help you quickly determine if there is an opportunity to increase your SR&ED claim.

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