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Given Up on Federal R and D Tax Credits?

Has your company investigated federal R&D tax credits, such as Scientific federal tax credit SRED ConsultingResearch and Experimental Development (SRED) and been disappointed or dissuaded by the results?  Or perhaps you’ve hired an accounting or consulting firm to handle your SRED claim and still not had much success?

Enhanced Capital Recovery has worked with several companies who have been in the exact same position – including one where an accounting firm or SR&ED consulting firm had dismissed the viability of a SRED claim and yet a valid claim existed!

In the case of a technology start-up we have worked with over the past 5 years, an accounting firm as well as the CRA had discouraged the company stating that their projects did not qualify for SR&ED.  Fortunately, an insider recommended a review by Enhanced Capital Recovery.  We looked at their challenges and how they were trying to overcome them and over a 15 min call assessed that they were eligible for SR&ED. Over the last 4 years we have helped the company recover in excess of 750,000 dollars which they have since reinvested to grow their business!

What did Enhanced Capital Recovery do differently?  By engaging a technical expert who understood the company’s technology challenges on a technical level and being able to articulate them in a manner the CRA recognized as a valid SR&ED application, we created a successful SRED claim out of a potentially failed one.

If you’ve had a failed SRED claim or have given up the idea claiming for SRED because of the effort it takes to put a claim together, consider a 15 minute discovery call with an ECR consultant.  We’ll ask you some relevant questions and very quickly assess the validity of your claim.

We will then engage a technical specialist knowledgeable in your industry who can further assist in identifying and documenting all the challenges you have tried to overcome so you have a complete and successful claim where all your eligible expenses are recovered.

Our goal is to assist companies such as yours to truly understand what SR&ED is, what areas in your organization may be eligible under the program, and then assist you through the entire process.

Let us do all of the work so it is a positive experience for your team that enables you to work on more eligible projects and increase your competitive advantage- all with no upfront costs for your organization.

We’ve helped many companies identify, document and successful claim SRED – let us review your claim to maximize your SR&ED return today.  Read more about why we are industry leading SRED consultants.

For a free consultation, complete our contact form, call us at 1-800-470-0235, or email us at info@enhancedcapitalrecovery.com.